The mission of Esperiens is to give you the best possible coffee experience. The most important factor of good quality coffee is not the variety of beans used, but the cleanness of the equipment that is used to make it. With our cleaner it is possible to clean espresso machines efficiently in a matter of seconds. No more single-use wipes, unhygienic towels or irritated customers.


The efficiency of our product results from a combination of optimized design and our special material, which removes grease miraculously. Our product is twice as fast as current methods, allowing the barista to use the wasted time otherwise. Reducing waste is important to us, and can be also translated to the ecological impact of our product. Instead of thousands of single-use-wipes per year, our product has a disposable component which needs to be replaced only a few times a year. On the other hand, a fabric towel is often used as an economical and ecological alternative. However, this is not necessarily true, since the towels need to be washed every day in washing machines that most coffeehouses do not have, which wastes water and resources. Our product needs to be washed only once at the end of a day in the sink. Thanks to the fact that the cleaning part does not need to be touched by hand our product is also more hygienic. In the handle we use durable materials such as stainless steel and wood.


The story of our company began from experience. One of our founders has worked as a barista for several years. A coffeeshop can be a stressful environment, especially during rush hours. One day she realized that the main irritator is cleaning up the espresso machine - it is slow and messy, but above all unsustainable and unecological. She knew she wanted to do something about it, but wasn't quite sure what. In the autumn of 2017, an opportunity came through the entrepreneurship idea competition organized by Helsinki Think Company. There our team of four came to be, and our personal frustration was picked up as the base for our product. Eventually we won 2nd place. Our product was described as "environmentally friendly", "economical" and "hype-worthy".


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